DH Commons DH Masters

Internship and Thesis Research on Digital Humanities Centre Projects

As part of my three-month internship at the DH Commons in 2020, I worked on both the DH Commons and the Digital Humanities webpages in close collaboration with Laura Ulens (my fellow intern) and Merisa Martinez, our supervisor and the founder of the Commons. We started from scratch, with a limited team, no physical space, no budget and no reputation to fall back on. Additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic threw us a curve ball, and led to us having to to coordinate all our activities using Skype and Skype for Business. We figured that a good place to start would be to build a web presence for the DH Commons. Both Laura and I collected a corpus of five digital scholarship organizations’ websites, and analyzed them with the aim of making our website fit into the Digital Scholarship Organizations’ online landscape. While Laura had a look at the scholarly communication models used across these websites, I focused on how these organizations posted  their (collaborative) DH projects online.

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