What you will see on these pages is the product of conversations among three main contributors: Tess Dejaeghere, Laura Ulens, and Merisa Martinez. Tess and Laura contributed to the blog while pursuing an Advanced Master’s Degree in Digital Humanities at KU Leuven and they served as the inaugural DH Commons Fellows for Spring Semester 2020. Merisa Martinez is the Expert Digital Scholarship in the Humanities and Keeper of the DH Commons at KU Leuven Libraries Artes. She is also the Editor-in-Chief of this blog.

Alongside the contributions of Laura, Merisa, and Tess, we have posts authored by the other Keeper of the DH Commons and head of KU Leuven Libraries Artes, Demmy Verbeke and by Laura Mesotten, the Process Manager for Research and Open Scholarship of KU Leuven Libraries Artes. We welcome contributions from other researchers and library staff. If you have an idea for a post and would like to contribute, please do get in touch!

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