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digitalHusserl is now LIVE!

The Austro-German philosopher Edmund Husserl (born in Proßnitz, today Prostějov in 1859, died in Freiburg in 1938) remains one of the most influential philosophers of our time. He is considered the founder of phenomenology, which became one of the most significant origins of what has come to be called ‘continental philosophy’. 

An astonishingly diverse range of philosophers have been directly influenced by Husserl’s works. The phenomenological method continues to be one of the richest methodological resources for philosophical thinking and scientific research, also in interdisciplinary settings and in other sciences but philosophy, such as psychology, cognitive science, sociology, etc. At its heart lies the insight that a proper understanding of the lifeworld, including a proper understanding of the objects and methods of scientific research, requires an analysis of how matters are constituted as what they are (as objects, subjects, events, significations, etc.) in correlations of object experiences (Erfahrungen) as well as lived experiences (Erlebnisse). This analysis requires a systematic description of the general structures of those correlations understood by Husserl as structures of intentionality, or consciousness. 

Here at KU Leuven we have been working on a project to organize, digitize and transcribe Husserl’s achive, and we are happy to announce that digitalHusserl is now online!

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Job Opening: Data Manager for the BRAIN-BE project BELTRANS at the KBR (Belgian Royal Library)

Are you fluent in Dutch and/or French with a good command of English? Do you love exploring, organizing, and managing data related to contemporary literature? Do you feel comfortable with project management and want to work with a collaborative group of colleagues? Do you want to work at the Belgian Royal Library in Brussels? Then, boy, do I have a job opening for you! (Deadline 14 March 2021).

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Call for Reviewers: RIDE Review Journal for Digital Editions and Resources

Have you ever used a digital tool or environment and thought, “this is a great feature, why don’t more people know about this?” Or maybe you have used something and thought “I would have done this slightly differently. I think this could use some improvements in terms of documentation or design.” If this sounds like you, perhaps you would be interested in contributing as a reviewer to a special issue of the RIDE Journal for Digital Editions and Resources. The special issue, edited by Dr Anna-Maria Sichani (University of Sussex) and Dr Elena Spadini (Université de Lausanne), will specifically focus on reviews of digital tools and digital environments.

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