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I am a bit of a late comer to podcasts, although I have loved audiobooks (and particularly full-cast adaptations of audiobooks as radio plays – see the BBC’s back catalogue for an amazing line-up) for most of my life. Recently I’ve started listening to academic podcasts more and more, as I find them an interesting way of engaging with intellectual topics in a more off-the-cuff manner than traditional keynotes, articles, or other forms of scholarly communication. To that end, I’ve put together a list of five DH podcasts I’ve discovered and enjoyed recently. These are great for a walk, a commute (remember those?), or a bike ride. I sometimes listen to one while I’m making coffee in the morning to stimulate my brain in a different way. They are not in order of importance, just the order in which I discovered them. Now, bear in mind, because I’m a native English speaker, the list below consists solely of English-language podcasts. If you have any further suggestions for our readers, and especially if you have non-English DH podcast suggestions, pop them in a comment below!

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